How to Install - Blinds & Shades

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While specific tools may needed may vary with certain window treatments, the following is a list of tools usually needed during a normal installation:

  1. Flat Blade and Phillips screwdriver
  2. Measuring tape and pencil
  3. level (laser level is recommended)
  4. Power drill, 3/32" drill bit and a 1/4" hex head driver (attachment for drill)

It is strongly recommended to either find studs in wall for an outside mount or window framing for an inside mount.  You may need longer screws than the manufacturer provided depending whether using an extension to the bracket.  With most companies, plactic anchors are included this type of mounting if used into drywall or plaster is not as strong as mounting into wood framing or wall studs.

Inside or Outside Mounting

**You may also need a step ladder or higher depending on how high your window frames are. 
**Some products such as roller shades should be level or shade material may track to one side or the other.