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Window Treatment Trends for 2016

Our Staff at Simply Custom have seen several distinct window fashion trends emerge and will be updating on this page over the course of the year.

This year's trends include:Chicago_Hunter_Douglas_Solera_Shade_Side_View

  • Advanced motorized treatments
  • New child safety standards
  • Energy efficient exterior shades
  • More multi-layer window treatment options
  • Advanced Motorized Window Treatments

Motorization for window treatments has come a long way! We are proud to report you no longer need an electrician or construction contractor to retrofit your windows for motorization. The newest technologies for motorization, including battery powered options, simplifies installation and ensures whisper-silent functionality.
Motorized window treatments are the next step to a technologically connected smart home. Many integrate with home automation systems, which are growing in popularity. You also have the ability to control everything straight from your phone or tablet! Simply install the corresponding apps to your phone and suddenly raising and lowering your shades is as easy as sending a text message.

- See What's New In Motorization



PowerView enables intelligent operation of the most popular Hunter Douglas window covering styles.  Through its wirelss technology, you can precisely adjust your window coverings to manage incoming light and energy throughout your home-all with easy-to-use control options.

Powerview App & Hub

.......For the most Advanced control, tap into the power of the PowerView App & Hub.  Control App from any Apple or Android mobile device.

  • Create personalized shade position settings called Scenes and give them names you can relate to, such as Good Morning, Bedtime, or Movie Night.
  • Create Scenes within one room, multiple rooms or throughout the home for just the right ambiance.
  • Schedule the automatic operation of your shades to optimize your home's energy efficiency.
  • Put your window treatments inmotion anytime - from any place - using the RemoteConnect feature.

Child & Pet Safety Standards

Dangling cords are a dangerous feature of many blinds and shades. This year we were pleased to see child and pet-safe window treatments are now the standard, rather than just an upgrade option.
Many new window treatment designs feature clean lines and have done away with cords entirely for a chic, child and pet-safe option.
As designs mature, cord-free functionality is becoming more and more reliable. Previously many cord-free options would often become stuck or bunched and require extensive repair. New technologies allow for better functionality and safety without the hassle. Other popular child-safe options include motorized shades, curtains, shutters, and roller shades.

Multi-Layer & 2-in-1 Designs are Still Hot from 2015

Window treatments that do double-duty by offering privacy during the day and light blocking at night is one 2015 trend we haven't done away with!
This two-in-one design offers extreme functionality and artistic design, perfect for modern interiors.
Two in one shades are available both in manual and motorized versions such as the Silhouette Chicago_Hunter_Douglas_Silhouette_A_Deux_Shade   A DEUX shading from Hunter Douglas.  While functional, these shades have the Silhouette shading and a room darkening roller shade in one headrail offering greater flexibility in light control. These shade styles offer more of an artistic interior design touch and an opportunity for expression within the home.



Window Treatments for Energy Efficiency

We noticed the trends continue to shift toward more energy efficient designs for home. Exterior shading solutions are becoming increasingly popular and many new constructions feature built in window treatments.  Shutters, blinds and shades protect your home from the harsh rays of the sun during the summer while preventing heat escape during cooler weather and at night for better energy efficiency.  These solutions help maintain temperature while decreasing energy bills.  Design, efficiency, and functionality is what you get with today's window treatments that have been influenced by European style and innovative designers. Our favorite product coming from this new trend is the Hunter Douglas Solera Shade.


Chicago_Hunter_Douglas_Blinds_Shades_Energy_EfficientEnergy Efficient Shades will greatly reduce Heat Loss through windows.

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