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Valance over sheersFabric Valances

   Valances can be part of a total blinds and drapery look or they can just be icing on the cake.  We can use them to grab attention, frame a view, or to soften hard edges.  They can be elaborate or simple.
   The same rules for color and pattern apply as drapery.  But there is one more rule of proportion needed to decide the height of the valance.
   The 1/5 rule of proportion is to take the height of the window treatment and divide by 5.
   - A blind 60" long would have a valance 12" high.
   - A drapery 84" long would have a valance 17" high.
   You will also need to know the correct returns (depth of sides and top from front of valance to wall) for the valance.
- Over blinds - returns should be 3".
- Over Drapes - returns should be 6"
- Over drapes and sheers - returns should be 9"

Wood Cornice with sheers.Wood Cornice with Sheers 

 Wood Cornices can add beauty, style and warmth to your windows while they are also serving as a decorative covering over a rod or simply a decorative accent in the room.