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Decorative_Chicago_Curtains_Drapery_with_tiebacks_pooling_on_floorDecorative Curtains and Drapery with tiebacks

 Curtains and Drapery can be functional and close for privacy, room darkening or insulation or it can be just decorative and simply Beautiful to look at.



Decorative Curtains and Drapery with tiebacks pooling on the floor.


Chicago Drapery and Curtains with Decorative Cornice

With curtains and draperies accenting your windows you can personalize every room to your taste.  There are many fabrics to choose from and additional accents can be added such as fringe, tassles, banding or tiebacks. 



Drapery and Curtains with fringe, tassles and tiebacks with wood cornice on top. 


A note from Serena, Simply Custom's Curtains and Drapery Design Manager

   Custom Drapery or Curtains are one of my favorite window treatment options because you can exhibit your individuality.  Draperies or Curtains can make a narrow window appear wider and add height to a room by placing treatment near the ceiling.  It is your opportunity to create something spectacular.  Your friends and neighbors are unlikely to have chosen the same fabric or style so your look will be completely unique.
   Lets start with color!!  Color evokes emotions.  Take a look at pictures of rooms, at your clothes, at your car and you will recognize combinations that please you.

   - Deep color lends an elegance and intensifies the mood.
   - Dark colors absorb the light and decreases the space.
   - Light colors increase the space.
   - Warm colors advance and appear closer.
   - Cool colors recede

   I usually like to have the fabric darker then the wall color to make it register as you look at the room.  Fabric color that is the same as the wall will blend into the surrounding which is fine, if that is your goal.

  Do you like patterns?  Patterns add some variety to the room and keeps things interesting.  Repetition around the room creates unity. 

   - To make a small room appear larger, use small to medium pattern.
   - Large patterns are dramatic
 but can overwhelm a small space.
   - Small patterns read as testure from a distance.
   - A combination of three is ideal.

   The type of drapery or curtain heading is your next decision.  A pleated heading is best for a functional drapery.  Rod pocket tab and tie tops are better for stationary panels (panels that do not open and close) because the friction of the fabric on the rod makes it difficult to move.

   - French pleats are traditional.
   - Top tack are an updated version of the French pleat.
   - Goblet pleats are more formal.
   - Inverted pleast are casual.
   - Ripplefold are contemporary.

Whether you choose pattern, color or just texture, make sure to distribute throughout the room. 



Draperies and Curtains can add warmth and style to your home in Chicago.









Spice things up with a pattern and decorative rod for your home in Chicago. 


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